Every year, a competition was held in the City of Peoria. Every year in Peoria, a golden carrot would be given away to the bravest and smartest citizen of Peoria. The competition was always open to anyone who wished to join, but recently a hawk joined the competition and always played cruel tricks and cheated in order to obtain the golden carrot. The hawk was careful to cheat behind the backs of the judges. Many times, the hawk would call in his friends to mess with the competitors in order to make them look like a fool in the face of the judges. Unfortunately, the hawk always won and had been winning for many years in a row. One day a bunny steps in to stop the evil acts of the hawk.

On the first test of strength, the contestants were told to swim across the lake and the first few to reach the other side of the river was able to continue. The wide river posed a giant challenge to many bunnies, but the hawk decided just to fly across the river and swim the last few feet to look like he swam across. The decided bunny foil the hawk’s plans. Right before the competition started, the bunny splashed the hawk with a bucket of water, making the hawk too heavy to fly. Consequentially, he was forced to swim across along with the rest of the competitors. However, the strong hawk was still able to swim across fairly quickly and was able to continue on the competition.

In the next text of bravery, the contestants had to walk through a wall of fire. The hawk, calling upon his friends for help, was able to make a transparent coat that allowed him to walk across with relative ease. However, the bunny ripped the coat before the hawk was able to go through the wall of fire. The hawk, unaware of his ripped jacket, casually walked into the fire only to discover he had no protection from the burning heat. He quickly panicked and failed to impress the judges. He was eliminated in that round, while the bunny, the unsung hero, was able to advance and obtain the golden carrot.

From that day on, the hawk was too ashamed of ever trying to unfairly take the golden carrot ever again, while the brave bunny was able to celebrate his victory with all his friends.


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