It was just past midnight. Inside its cave, a wolf was waiting out the storm. Outside, a blizzard raged. Suddenly, the piercing squeaks of a wolf pup echoed through the cave. Alarmed, the mother wolf sniffed the air, trying to sense her pup. However, its yelps got fainter and fainter until it altogether disappeared! Now, the mother wolf was really worried. She had lost a litter before and she wasn’t about to again. First, she made sure the other of her two pups was tucked safely and snugly in the farthest corner of the cave. Then, she bounded out into the storm. Already, the scent of her pup was faint. Luckily, its yelps could still be heard above the wind. The snow was falling so thickly that is was almost impossible to see. All too soon, the cries of her pup were lost in the wind. The mother was terrified now. She ran aimlessly trying to catch the scent of her pup. Through the moaning trees, across the frozen creek, and into every cave, the she-wolf searched and searched. She battled the fierce wind and the knee deep snow. The she-wolf howled into the winter night, pouring her worry and grief into the frigid air. Suddenly, she heard a howl in return! It was her pup! Filled with hope, the mother leaped to her feet and ran towards the sound.


The pup was scared. It was confused.

“Where is my mother?” it whined. One moment he was nestling beside his mother, the next he was being blown away by the wind. It took a step, sank in the snow and tumbled over. The pup got up again and tried to move. It crossed the frozen creek in search of the way home. However, the snow was blinding and the pup couldn’t see too well. Soon, the pup reached a tree and took shelter behind it.

“AWOOOOOO!” it cried. “Where is my mother?” Pitifully it curled up into a ball, trying to preserve its warmth. Just as it was falling asleep, it heard a howl. Can it be? Yes, it was its mother!

“AWOOOOOOOOOOO” it yelped. The pup tried to move from its curled up position but found that its feet were frozen to the ground. It started to panic. The pup frantically yelped over and over again. Then, it heard this strange thumping noise. The sound got louder and louder as a shape appeared. The pup shrank back in horror.

Then, the mother appeared in front of the pup. Relief filled both of them as they were reunited. The she-wolf carried her pup back to the cave to join its sleeping brother. They have survived another day and are ready for a new start.



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